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bycosdycos danes

Every year more than 300,000 animals go astray in the UK alone.  Most of them cannot be identified.  The lucky ones end up in an animal home.


Every dog in England will have to be microchipped from 2016 and if you wish to travel abroad with your pet, a microchip is a vital part of the "Pet Passport Scheme"


All Peddymark microchips have a unique number and are registered on the Petlog database, meaning owners details can be easily looked up.  Animal and owner can then be quickly reunited, with the minimum amount of stress for all involved.


Your dog or pet can be microchipped in the comfort of your own home at competitive rates.  I will travel to you saving you money on the procedure and travel time, your pet will feel less stressed being microchipped in the familiar surroundings of home.


Please contact me to arrange a convienient time on 07791 752 986




We have no planned litters at this time 



Please contact me if you want your pet microchipped at competitive rates and in the comfort of your own home



Dog and Puppy Training

Every Thursday evening at 6:45pm and Tuesday morning at 11:15am at All Saints Village Hall, All Saints Axminster



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